Give Your Cat the Gift of Good Dental Health

Give Your Cat the Gift of Good Dental Health

Your cat Matilda presents quite a striking appearance. This colorful orange tabby has a lush, beautiful coat and a charming face. She prides herself on her petite figure, and she carefully grooms herself daily. Although your feline housemate’s teeth generally match her impeccable style, they’ve been looking somewhat dull lately. You don’t want her to experience painful dental disease, so you’ve scheduled a complete dental cleaning with your Oakdale veterinarian.

Periodontitis Hazards

You don’t want Matilda to develop periodontitis, the most common feline dental problem. This uncomfortable ailment occurs when plaque, a soft blend of food, bacteria, and saliva, assaults your cat’s gums and teeth. After plaque hardens into tartar, her tooth and root tissues can become irritated.

First, you’ll notice reddish gum tissues, or gingivitis. Next, infections and abscesses form in those compromised teeth. Your poor cat might experience pain, bleeding, foul-smelling breath, and tooth loss. Bacteria can infiltrate her damaged gum tissues. These nasty organisms can travel through her bloodstream and potentially attack her heart and kidneys.

Dangerous “Kitty Cavities”

Your feline companion can suffer from FORLs, or feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions. Known as “kitty cavities,” these dental culprits form on teeth sides near the gum lines. The cavities wear away your cat’s tooth, and can even make it fracture. The tooth pulp can become infected. Severe gum inflammation can cause her considerable pain.

Regular Dental Checkups

Fortunately, your vet can catch these emerging problems by giving your cat regular dental checkups during her physical exams. However, if she seems to have trouble consuming food, starts to drool, or develops horrible breath, get her to the vet quickly.

Professional Dental Cleanings

If the vet notices tartar accumulation or gingivitis, your cat will likely receive a thorough dental cleaning, conducted while she’s under anesthesia. Your vet will carefully scrub each tooth surface, even under the gum lines. She’ll also receive a helpful tooth polish that makes it harder for plaque to stick to her much-cleaner little razors.

Home Dental Care

Your Oakdale veterinarian will show you how to safely brush your cat’s choppers. Stick to feline-formulated toothpaste, as human paste won’t agree with her mouth and stomach.

With regular dental exams and cleanings, plus home dental care, Matilda’s little teeth will continue to gleam. To steer your cat toward good dental health, contact us for an appointment.

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