Your Dog Can Thrive With These Essential Nutrients

Your Dog Can Thrive With These Essential Nutrients

Your terrier mix Rocket is a supercharged ball of energy. This rambunctious little pooch is often a black-and-white blur, running through the dog park with his tail flying behind him. To maintain this high activity level, your pint-sized housemate requires a top-notch nutritionally balanced diet. Fortunately, your Sayville vet has provided your dog with expert nutritional counseling, prescribing a menu that matches his demanding lifestyle.

Necessary Proteins

Rocket’s cells, tissues, and organs depend on a steady supply of top-quality proteins to thrive. Give your super-active dog a sufficient amount of animal-derived protein such as beef, lamb, turkey, chicken, and fish.

Carbohydrate Fuel

Your lightning-fast dog needs lots of carbohydrates to fuel his tissues. Carbs also enable his intestinal system to keep running like clockwork. Although canine nutritional profiles don’t contain a minimum carb requirement, your dog needs a small supply of glucose for his brain and other vital organs.

Multifunctional Fats

Fats provide Rocket with the densest form of energy, much denser than proteins or carbs. Fats also insulate his organs from harmful hot or cold temperatures. Since he’s an incredibly active dog, fats help to protect his organs from possible trauma or injury. Because his body doesn’t produce all the essential fatty acids he requires, his diet must furnish them.

Vital Minerals

Minerals help to strengthen your pooch’s tooth and bone structures. These versatile substances also assist in balancing his body’s fluids. Since his body can’t fabricate these essential nutrients, he must receive them through a well-balanced diet.

Essential Vitamins

To maintain an efficient metabolism, Rocket requires tiny amounts of specific vitamins, on a regular basis. Although a well-formulated diet generally furnishes these nutrients, your vet can add a specific supplement if needed.

Life-Critical Water

Make sure Rocket always has plenty of clean, fresh water. After all, water makes up 60 to 70 percent of his body weight. If his body’s water decreases by 10 percent, he’ll become very sick. If he experiences a 15 percent water reduction, he will very likely die.

As Rocket becomes a middle-aged and then a senior dog, your Sayville vet will revise his diet to address his body’s changing needs. A senior dog food, or a targeted blend that supports treatment for a chronic medical condition, might be appropriate. To provide your dog with a well-rounded nutritional plan, contact us for an appointment.

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