Regular Walks Provide Your Dog With Welcome Benefits

Regular Walks Provide Your Dog With Welcome Benefits

Your retriever mix Rascal is planning to start a canine walking club. Before leading the group, he’d like to memorize all the neighborhood routes, including those a little farther afield. That’s why your adventurous dog has greatly increased his walks’ distance and duration. You’re happy that your pooch loves to exercise, and your Oakdale veterinary clinic staff is pleased that he’s committed to fitness. Rascal’s daily jaunts help him to build his muscles and remain flexible. He has also reaped some additional benefits.

Smoother Digestion and Healthier Weight

Your dog has always had a finicky digestive system, and he’s occasionally troubled by embarrassing constipation. Although your vet monitors these issues, consistent exercise can help to make your pooch’s bodily functions more regular. Since he’s prone to weight gain, brisk neighborhood trots expend calories and increase his odds of staying at a normal scale number.

Greater Self-Confidence

When Rascal joined your household two years ago, he was so shy that he hid behind other shelter dogs when you approached him. In addition, he was clearly uncomfortable in that multiple-dog setting. After you adopted this affectionate pooch, you encouraged him to become more outgoing and confident. Once he accomplished this goal with your family, he was better equipped to socialize with other humans and dogs.

Following hundreds of neighborhood walks, along with dog park and farmer’s market visits, your former introvert became highly sociable. Now, he jumps into situations that would have formerly sent him flying under the furniture.

Much-Decreased Disobedience

Along with poor socialization skills, Rascal needed some discipline. When he became bored, and didn’t have an immediate outlet for his pent-up energy, he methodically gnawed on your furniture and baseboards. He also enjoyed jumping on visitors as a way of greeting them. That unfortunate behavior stopped most social invitations.

Completely desperate, you scheduled your canine delinquent for a basic obedience class. He was eager to gain some structure and show off his developing skills. In fact, he graduated first in his class. Now, you can confidently take Rascal everywhere, knowing he’s not looking for his next jumping victim.

Your Oakdale veterinary clinic staff was thrilled to see Rascal’s great physical condition, confident attitude, and obedience skills. Of course, his regular walks helped to start the ball rolling. If your dog should get in better shape, contact us for expert assistance.

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