Help Your Cat to Reclaim Her Girlish Figure

Help Your Cat to Reclaim Her Girlish Figure

Your tortoiseshell cat Lucy has always been a feline femme fatale. This six-year-old charmer combined movie star good looks and a perfectly proportioned body. You always provided her with a top-quality diet, and she burned up countless calories by chasing your other cats through the house. Recently, though, Lucy has been strolling rather than running through the halls. She has also been scarfing more cat treats. Now, this photogenic feline swings a stomach when she walks, increasing her risks for weight-related medical problems. Tomorrow, your overweight cat will visit your Sayville pet clinic for expert nutritional counseling.

Too Many Pudgy Cats

You’re shocked at the number of overweight, and sometimes obese, cats around the country. In fact, 40 to 50 percent of pampered pet felines have gorged themselves into oblivion. At the same time, they have virtually ignored their playtime sessions. These sluggish cats – including Lucy – are more susceptible to soft-tissue injuries and osteoarthritis. They can also experience overstressed muscles, ligaments, and joints.

Feeding Your Feline Carnivore

Given a choice, Lucy would regularly hunt birds and mice in the field behind your house. However, you won’t permit your feline huntress to revert to those instinctive behaviors. Although you might think a commercial food would meet her needs, most mass-manufactured blends don’t include the necessary high-quality protein. Instead, they utilize plant proteins, which she can’t metabolize as well as animal-based proteins.

She’s also deficient in enzymes that enable her to metabolize surplus carbohydrates. Since her body’s unsure how to process the carbs, it stores them as fat. Her cat treats pack on empty calories, more carbs, and flavor enhancers.

Pre-Program Health Exam

Before launching your cat’s weight loss efforts, your vet wants to rule out medical and/or metabolic conditions that might inhibit her from safely achieving success. He’ll request a urinalysis and blood work, studying the results before finalizing his well-rounded plan.

Balanced Weight Management Plan

Next, your Sayville pet clinic will reveal Lucy’s weight management plan. The vet will likely choose a food that enables her to drop those pounds safely. He might also propose a structured feeding schedule.

Regular daily exercise will help your cat to burn calories and eventually to lose unwanted weight. She’ll be pleased to have her gorgeous good looks back again.

If your cat could shed some pounds, contact us for an appointment.

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