Talkative Furballs – Understanding Your Cat

Talkative Furballs – Understanding Your Cat

Does your feline buddy often talk to you? Does she answer back when you call her by name? Kitties are fascinating animals, and they certainly have big personalities. In this article by a Sayville veterinarian, you’ll read about some of Kitty’s conversational habits.


No one is sure exactly how much human language our pets understand, though it’s safe to say that Fluffy knows exactly what you mean when you say ‘Get down from there!’. That said, kitties definitely understand our expression and tone. Always speak to your kitty in a polite, friendly voice. The more you talk to Fluffy, the more interactive she will become. Some kitties even like to argue!


Just like people, some cats are more vocal then others. Some breeds, such as the Siamese and Maine Coon, are known for being talkative. These kitties have no trouble expressing their interests, concerns, and opinions. Different breeds have different types of meows. The Maine Coon, for instance, communicates by adorable chirrups and trilling sounds, while the Siamese likes to sing.


Our feline friends may have started meowing with the specific purpose of communicating with people, or, to be honest, manipulating us into feeding them. That pleading whimper Fluffy makes when her bowl is empty is very effective! In fact, the meow that works best on us is a combination meow/purr that sounds rather like a baby crying.


Cats yowl for a few different reasons. Intact felines will howl when they are feeling amorous. Apparently, this sound is actually pleasant to other kitties! Cats also yowl when they are in pain. If Fluffy suddenly starts meowing excessively, contact your vet. There could be a medical problem. The reverse is also true: talkative kitties that fall silent could also be ill. Last but not least, senior kitties sometimes yowl as their mental functions decline.


Some kitties make a clacking or clattering sound while they’re watching birds. No one is exactly sure why kitties do this, but it may have something to do with Kitty’s hunting habits.

Talking To Your Cat

Wait until Fluffy makes a sound, and repeat it to her. When she answers, mimic her again. Some kitties can keep this game going for quite a while! It usually ends with a purring, super-cuddly cat.

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