Provide Top-Notch Care for Your Special Senior Dog

Provide Top-Notch Care for Your Special Senior Dog

Your ten-year-old cocker spaniel Butterscotch is still master of his domain. Your spunky canine housemate monitors your family’s activities, and he efficiently controls your teenaged dog. Despite his busy schedule, he squeezes in three daily potty walks. You’d like your feisty companion to stay healthy, so your Oakdale, NY veterinarian provides him with regular physical exams. The vet also gave Butterscotch a tailored health plan.

Tailored Senior Nutrition

Everyone knows that Butterscotch loves food. He has always happily chowed down on his vet-approved meals. Each day, he received quality protein, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. His body still requires these nutrients, but in different amounts. Since your senior pooch has slowed down, he should decrease his daily calorie consumption.

Before prescribing a diet, the vet identified your companion’s nutritional needs and regular activities. If he had acquired a rounder belly, the vet might choose a weight-loss blend. If your dog managed a chronic medical problem, he might consume a special food that enhanced his treatment program.

Regular Dental Care

Butterscotch’s white teeth have always contrasted nicely with his reddish coat. To get those gleaming choppers, he has received consistent professional dental care. During each physical exam, the vet closely observes your dog’s teeth and gums. He quickly addresses emerging problems. Your fortunate pooch gets frequent dental cleanings, and you brush his teeth often.

Continued Canine Vaccinations

Although he’s an older guy, your dog still needs regular vaccinations that protect him against infectious and dangerous canine diseases. The vet will factor in your pooch’s age, health status, and lifestyle before administering the proper vaccines.

Enjoyable Gentle Movement

Butterscotch is addicted to his potty walks. Besides completing his important business, he visits his canine buddies and soaks up head scratches from his human admirers. These daily jaunts help him to avoid obesity. Ask about other body-friendly exercise, such as warm-water swims or slow-paced fetch games.

If your dog seems to experience pain when he walks, stands normally, or climbs the steps, alert your vet. He can prescribe medications and/or therapies that should help.

During Butterscotch’s regular checkups, your Oakdale, NY veterinarian fine-tunes his health regimen and handles developing problems. Tell the vet if your dog’s food and water consumption, or urination and/or defecation habits, have changed. To give your senior companion his own health program, contact us for an appointment.

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