Help Your Cat to Fend Off Harmful Stress

Help Your Cat to Fend Off Harmful Stress

Your freshly adopted orange tabby Serena has already charmed you into submission. You brought this gorgeous girl home from your town’s animal shelter today. She immediately explored every corner and discovered her plush comfy bed. Next, your crafty feline smoothed around your legs, demanding your immediate attention. Tomorrow, Serena will visit your Sayville, NY vet for a new patient exam and a targeted diet. The vet can provide guidance on giving your cat a minimum-stress lifestyle.

Fresh Water

Along with Serena’s quality diet, she’ll require unlimited fresh water daily. If she doesn’t consume enough of this life-critical nutrient, she could become dehydrated; and this can cause stress. Even a small water deficit can factor into some medical conditions.

Keep her bowl filled with clean water. Tempt her with a moving water source, such as a gently flowing faucet. Although canned food provides water, don’t change your cat’s diet without your vet’s approval.

Elevated Perch

Researchers recently polled thousands of cats nationwide. After analyzing the survey results, the experts noted that the cats overwhelmingly preferred to monitor their empires from a high vantage point.

Fortunately, you had already bought Serena a four-level carpeted cat tower containing three roomy observation platforms. She’ll also gravitate to her cozy sleeping nook. Since she enjoys watching the backyard birds, move the cat tree next to the premium viewing window.

Scratching Surfaces

The surveyed felines selected claw exercise as their favorite activity. Territory marking was a close second. Satisfy your cat with a carpeted scratching post or similarly textured surface. If possible, provide her with horizontal and vertical scratching spots. If you live with several cats, each feline wants their own digging destination.

Remember, cats instinctively want to scratch. If Serena doesn’t get those claw workouts, she’ll probably experience stress. She might reduce that frustration by digging up your furniture, carpet, and/or curtains.

Physical Activity

Regular physical exercise helps to reduce your cat’s stress level. Schedule twice-daily playtime sessions of 20-30 minutes each (or longer). If she becomes too animated, give her a cardboard “hide box” where she can relax. Provide her with lots of cuddling time. While you stroke your happy cat, look for tiny physical or behavioral changes that might indicate a developing medical problem.

Minimize Serena’s lifestyle disruptions, and watch for signs of anxiety. Contact your Sayville, NY vet for expert assistance.

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