Three Great Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Cat

Three Great Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Cat

Did you know that June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month? Are you looking for a feline friend? Getting a new pet is a big decision, and it can be difficult to choose just one out of all the adorable kitties that need new homes. Going through a shelter is a wonderful way to get your new pet. In this article, a Sayville, NY veterinarian discusses some of the benefits of adopting a shelter cat.

Save A Life

Due to overpopulation, neglect, and abandonment, shelters are full of sweet, lovable kitties that are in desperate need of good homes. Sadly, these cats may only have a very short window of time in a shelter to find their ‘furever’ families. By adopting a shelter kitty, you can save a cat’s life, and let the shelter help other animals in need. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you’ve done something good for an animal! Kitties may be mysterious, but they often seem to understand they’ve been rescued. Your furry friend may show her gratitude by offering unconditional love, plenty of cuddles, and lots of laughter.

Save Money

Adopting from a shelter is often a much more economical way to get a pet than going through a store or breeder. Animals available for adoption in shelters are generally current on their shots, and will have been spayed or neutered. This alone can save you hundreds of dollars! Plus, the adoption fees help the shelter care for other animals in need, so you know that your money is going to a great cause.

Meet Your ‘Purrfect’ Match

Before bringing your new furry friend home, you’ll have the opportunity to spend some time with your potential pet. Of course, sometimes people only need to take one look at an animal and they immediately know they’ve found their pet. This is a beautiful thing when it happens, but it isn’t always the case. Spending some one-on-one time with an animal will help ensure that you pick the furball that is the right match for you. Adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment, so you want to be sure of your decision.

Do you have questions about caring for your cat? Does your kitty need shots or an examination? Contact us! As your Sayville, NY veterinary clinic, we are here to serve all your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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