Teaching Your Puppy Not to Bite

Teaching Your Puppy Not to Bite

Have you recently adopted a puppy? Congratulations on your furry new arrival! Fido’s first year is a critical time. Your little one has a lot to learn about the big new world he’s in, and must be taught good doggy manners. Teaching your canine pal not to bite is one very important aspect of puppy training. Below, a local Sayville, NY vet discusses how to teach your puppy not to bite.

Why Puppies Bite

There are a few different reasons your canine buddy might bite. Dogs often explore things by trying to taste them, so curiosity could be a factor. Fido may be seeking relief from the pain of teething. Sometimes, puppies realize that biting gets them attention. Man’s Best Friend is sometimes willing to settle for negative attention, so this can provide ample motivation.

Early Learning

Fido will start learning proper doggy ‘petiquette’ while he’s still with his mother and littermates. If he nips one of his siblings, he may hear a yelp, and his playmate may not want to wrestle with him anymore! Mom may also show her displeasure or ignore him if he bites her, which can also help him get the hint.

Chew Toys

Be sure to provide your little one with plenty of appropriate chew toys. Chew sticks, rawhide toys, and Kong toys are all suitable options.


Socialization is very important to your canine pal’s emotional and mental development. Dogs that haven’t been properly socialized are much more likely to grow up fearful, anxious, or wary. This can lead to serious behavioral issues down the road! Expose your puppy to new places and faces, and let him interact with friendly, polite dogs. Just make sure little Fido’s friends are current on all their shots!

Taste Deterrents

Taste deterrents can be a useful tool in teaching your little buddy not to bite. You can find these products in pet stores and in some retail stores.

Positive Reinforcement

When working with dogs, always focus on the positive. Reward your canine pal for good behavior, and ignore him when he’s being bad. You can reprimand little Fido with a firm ‘No’ when he misbehaves, but anything more than that may do more harm than good.

Does your puppy need shots or an examination? Is little Fido ready for spay or neuter surgery? Contact us, your Sayville, NY, veterinary clinic, any time!

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