Dog Park Petiquette

Dog Park Petiquette

Have you taken your canine pal to a doggy park recently? Man’s Best Friend loves to run and play, and really enjoys exploring new places. Therefore, it’s no surprise that going to the doggy park rank pretty high on the list of Fido’s favorite things! Before taking your pooch to the doggy park, read these tips on dog park ‘petiquette’ from a local Sayville, NY vet.


Be sure to read and abide by all of the park rules. Most parks require that dogs be current on their vaccinations and registrations. Keeping Fido is up-to-date on all of his shots is very important, as it will safeguard your pup against dangerous diseases and parasites, such as heartworm. We strongly recommend keeping copies of your dog’s paperwork with you at all times. You can store copies in your car’s dashboard.


Before going to a doggy park, make sure Fido is wearing his tags, and that the information on them is current. You also want to be sure to keep his microchip records up to date. If your canine buddy gets loose and runs off, this could save his life!


Before letting Fido off-leash, observe the other dogs in the park. Watch for any dogs that are bullying their playmates. Intact males and/or female dogs in heat can also cause problems. If you see any signs that the play is getting too rough, take your pup for a walk instead, and come back another day. If your pooch sometimes acts aggressive towards other dogs, he may not be a good candidate for a doggy park playdate.


If there’s one thing all dogs have in common, it’s their love of treats. Giving Fido water is fine, but doling out snacks to your canine buddy in full view of other dogs could start a doggy ruckus. If you really want to give your furry pal snacks at the park, be discreet about it, and use small treats.


Make sure to pick up after Fido before leaving the park. Many dog parks offer baggies and trash bins for disposing of your pet’s waste. It isn’t a bad idea to keep some plastic bags in your car at all times, just in case you show up on a day that there aren’t any.

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