Bathing Your Kitten

Bathing Your Kitten

Do you own a kitten? While cats are great at keeping themselves clean, the occasional bath is never a bad idea. Plus, it’s important to get your kitten used to the bathing sensation early in life, in case she needs bathed as an adult. Use these steps as outlined by your Sayville, NY vet to give your kitty a bath:

Gather Your Supplies

You don’t want to be running all over the place getting the things you’ll need while in the middle of your kitten’s bath, leaving her alone in the water. Instead, gather your supplies before doing anything else. You’ll need a large, soft towel, a feline-formulated shampoo, a cup or jug, and a couple of cat treats.

Stand Kitten in the Water

Fill up the sink or bathtub that you’re using with about an inch of lukewarm water—always test the water with your finger to make sure it isn’t too hot. Now, stand your kitten in the water so that just the paws are wetted. If your kitten becomes agitated, remove her and try again later.

Wet the Body

Once your kitten is comfortable standing in the water, it’s time to wet the body. Using your cup or jug, gently pour lukewarm water over her body, starting at the neck and moving down the body. Take care not to get water near the face. If necessary, soothe your cat with gentle praise or a cat treat during this time.

Shampoo the Fur

Once your kitten is thoroughly wet, it’s time to shampoo. Apply a dime-sized glob of the shampoo to your kitten’s coat, and begin massaging it gently through the fur. Again, carefully avoid the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth.

It’s important to use a feline-formulated shampoo, and never a shampoo designed for human use or use on another animal. These products may be too strong for your kitty’s sensitive skin, so ask your vet to recommend a good cat shampoo.

Rinse and Dry

Once your cat has been shampooed properly, rinse her off with lukewarm water from the cup or from the showerhead (on a low setting). Now, wrap her in the towel to dry her off and offer her a few cat treats for a job well done.

Would you like more advice on giving your feline friend a bath? Want a recommendation on a great cat shampoo? Call your Sayville, NY veterinarian’s office today!

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