Keep Your Pet Safe from Halloween Hazards

Keep Your Pet Safe from Halloween Hazards

Halloween and trick-or-treat night arrive at the end of this month. Like most holidays, there are a few pet hazards to be aware of. Learn more here from your Sayville, NY veterinary professional.


Trick-or-treat night is prime-time for anxiety, simply because the doorbell rings constantly as hungry trick-or-treaters come to your home. Pets who are excited by the doorbell can drive themselves silly, or exhaust themselves by the end of the night! It may be prudent to set up a quiet zone for your pet, complete with a pet bed and a few favorite toys.


Is your pet the type to dart out of the first open door he sees? Trick-or-treat night can prove dangerous, as you’ll likely be opening your door often. You don’t want to go searching for a lost pet in the dark, so try securing your pet in another room for the evening if they’re escape-prone.

Just to be safe, always make sure your pet is outfitted with a microchip, ID tags, or both. Call your local animal hospital if your pet needs these amenities.

Chocolate and Candy

There sure are a lot of chocolate and candy treats floating around during Halloween time. Remember that both are extremely bad for pets—chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine, chemicals that pets should never ingest, and candy may be sweetened with a toxic artificial sugar called xylitol. Restrict your pet’s access to the treat bowl, and store leftover treats in a closed cabinet or closet.

Pet Costumes

Many pet owners like to dress up their animal companion in their very own Halloween costume. This is both adorable and fun, but make sure your pet is comfortable first. Not all pets take kindly to clothing, especially if it’s too tight- or loose-fitting. In addition, some costumes may have small pieces (plastic buttons and the like) that could be chewed off, swallowed, and choked on.

Halloween Decorations

Have you set up pumpkins, gourds, or fall corn in or around your home to celebrate the festivities? These items aren’t necessarily toxic to pets, but they still shouldn’t be ingested as they can cause upset stomach, intestinal obstruction, and other health maladies. Also beware of electrical cords running to the wall from electric jack-o-lanterns or light-up decorations, as pets could get tangled or chew on them.

Ask your Sayville, NY veterinarian for more tips on keeping your pet safe this holiday.

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