How to Give Your Dog a Pill

How to Give Your Dog a Pill

Just about every dog will need to take a pill at one point or another. As dog owners know, it can be easier said than done getting a dog to swallow it! Below, your Sayville, NY veterinarian tells you about some of the ways you can give your dog the medication he needs.

Hide the Pill

One of the easiest ways to get your dog to take a pill is to hide in food or treats. Simply push the pill into the center of a glob of wet dog food, or into a soft treat to conceal it. Offer the tasty morsel to your dog; with any luck, your pooch will gobble it up without ever realizing he’s taking his medicine.

In rare instances, pills don’t react well with food. Additionally, some pills are meant to be taken without food. For these reasons, always check with your vet before giving your dog his pill with food or treats.

Crush the Pill

In some cases, you can crush or grind a pill up, then sprinkle it over food to fool your dog into taking his medicine. It’s very important that you consult your veterinarian before doing this, however, because crushing or grinding isn’t always a good idea. It’s possible that crushing a pill will render it ineffective; even more frightening is the possibility that a crushed pill will introduce an overdose of medication to your dog’s system all at once. Call your vet before crushing any pills!

The Tossing Method

Does your dog enjoy catching treats in mid-air as they’re tossed to him? This can be useful if you’re having trouble getting your pooch to take his meds. Grab a handful of treats, as well as your dog’s pill. Toss a few treats, then the pill, then another treat. Hopefully, your dog will be so excited about the incoming treat stream that he’ll gobble up the pill, thinking it was just another dog treat!

Ask About Chewable or Flavored Pills

Did you know that some medications on today’s market come in chewable or flavored form? Many are even flavored and chewable! Dogs typically take to these very well, so ask your veterinarian if any of your canine companion’s medications are available in chewable or flavored form.

Do you have further questions about your dog’s medication, dosage requirements, or administration schedule? Don’t hesitate to contact your Sayville, NY animal hospital for help.

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