Why Regular Grooming is Essential for Your Dog

Why Regular Grooming is Essential for Your Dog

Although consistent grooming is great for keeping your pooch looking nice, it’s also about much more than aesthetics. Below, your Sayville, NY veterinarian tells you about why grooming is so important.

Skin and Fur Health

Regular brushing is essential for top-notch skin and fur health. Brushing removes dirt and also spreads essential skin oils through the coat, keeping it naturally and properly moisturized, shiny, and healthy. Always use a dog-specific brush to maximize the effect of brushing; for a recommendation, call your vet’s office.

Reduced Shedding

Tired of excess dog hair on your furniture and carpets? Try implementing a regular grooming regimen. Brushing traps loose and dead hair in the brush itself, rather than allowing it to float all over your home. Plus, since brushing keeps the fur naturally moisturized, shedding is reduced to begin with.

If you suspect your dog’s shedding is more excessive than normal, it’s time to ask your veterinarian for his or her opinion. Call the office today to set up an appointment—your vet will be able to tell you if your dog’s shedding is caused by a parasitic infection, disease, or skin disorder.

Preventing Mats

Your dog’s coat can become matted and tangled if it isn’t brushed enough. Mats can prove quite painful for our canine companions, and they can pull the skin underneath sharply. Large mats can even affect some pets’ ability to walk normally! Brush your dog’s hair thoroughly and regularly in order to prevent mats from forming in the first place.

Removing Grime

The occasional bath is also essential for keeping your dog’s skin and coat clean and free of grime. Always be sure to use a canine-formulated shampoo, as shampoos made for humans or other animals may be too sensitive for your dog’s skin. Dog shampoos are available in retail outlets, pet supply stores, and some vets’ offices—ask your veterinarian for a recommendation on such a product.

Quality Bonding Time

Regular grooming times have another benefit: they double as great pet-owner bonding sessions for you and your pooch. Many dogs and owners come to look forward to grooming because of the connection it facilitates!

Would you like a recommendation on a good quality dog brush or an appropriate shampoo for your pooch? Does your dog have special grooming requirements that require the touch of a seasoned professional? Set up an appointment at your Sayville, NY pet clinic for help.

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