Adorable Holiday Gifts for Kitties

Adorable Holiday Gifts for Kitties

Are you still working on your holiday shopping? Is your cat still on the list? We may not be able to advise you on what to get for your friends and family members, but we can suggest a few cute things you can get your kitty. Read on for some great kitty gift suggestions from a Sayville, NY veterinarian.

Catnip Bubbles

Giving your furball catnip can be almost as fun for you to watch as it is for her! You can now give your frisky feline catnip in the form of bubbles she can chase and pop.

Holiday Claw Caps

Do you put claw caps on your kitty to keep her from scratching the furniture? If so, you may want to consider getting Fluffy a kitty tower to scratch. However, in the meantime, your frisky little diva can sport fun, seasonal claw caps, which are, as you may have guessed, red and green.

Robotic Mice

If you needed proof that our feline overlords are coming right along with us as we move into the technical age, look no further. These fun toys react to kitties’ movements, and are bound to get your furball off the couch.

Cat Houses

Cats love being in small, enclosed spaces. There are now dozens, if not hundreds, of super cute options for kitty houses you can buy or make your feline buddy. You can give Fluffy a little house that doubles as a plant stand, or an adorable little castle. Of course, you can also go the DIY route and make your furball a cozy pet tent.

Window Perches

Our feline pals love birdwatching! Get your furball her own little window seat, so she can watch birds and squirrels to her little heart’s content.

Kitty Grass

Cat grass is safe and even healthy for our feline friends. If your furball has a penchant for eating houseplants, pick up a container of kitty grass at a local pet store, or get some seeds and grow your own. We also recommend checking to make sure your houseplants are safe for Fluffy. You can see a complete list of safe and unsafe plants online at the ASPCA website.

Happy Holidays! All of us here at your Sayville, NY animal hospital want to wish you a wonderful, safe, and lovely holiday season. Please contact us for all of your kitty’s veterinary care needs.

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