5 Commands Every Dog Should Know

5 Commands Every Dog Should Know

Does your pooch obey vocal commands? Or does Fido ignore his instructions? Teaching your dog proper petiquette isn’t just about good doggy manners: it’s also very important for safety reasons. In this article, a Sayville, NY vet lists five commands every dog should know.


Sit is probably the number one basic doggy obedience command. This one is usually pretty easy for Fido to pick up, which makes it a good place to start your pup’s training.


Stay is also very important. For instance, if you don’t want your pooch getting too close if you’re working on something that he could damage or be hurt by, use the Stay command.


Come is one of the most important commands you can teach your pooch. It can help you stop your pet from approaching dangerous animals or areas, and, of course, stop him from running away. Teaching Fido to come when called is pretty easy: just tell him to come, and give him a treat.


Does your pooch walk you, instead of the other way around? Bad leash manners are not uncommon in our canine pals. Poor petiquette can be quite dangerous on Fido’s walks! Your dog could launch himself at another animal, which can result in either your pup or the other animal getting seriously injured. This is especially important with big dogs: you don’t want your pet hauling you around!

Lay Down

Last but not least, Lay Down is also a very important command. This can come in handy on too many occasions to list! For instance, if you have company coming over, and you don’t want Fido begging for them to hand over snacks, tell your theatrical pet to go Lay Down.

Training Tips

There are many different methods for training dogs. Choose whichever you like, but be consistent: don’t start out using one method, then change to another. Also, be sure to keep things positive: focus on rewarding Fido for obeying you, rather than correcting bad behavior. If you get stuck, don’t give up: consult your vet or a professional dog trainer. It will take time, repetition, and patience to train your canine pal, but it will be well worth it in the end.

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