3 Reasons to Keep Your Cat Indoors

3 Reasons to Keep Your Cat Indoors

Do you let your feline buddy roam outdoors? If so, you may want to curb your kitty’s taste for adventure. Your feline friend could get into some serious trouble outside! Read on as a Sayville, NY veterinarian lists some great reasons to keep your furball indoors.


Fluffy will be much healthier as an indoor kitty. Cats that go outdoors are much more likely to pick up parasites, for one thing. Your feline pal could also get sick just by grooming herself after walking through a lawn that was recently treated with pesticide. Cats that live indoors also have a longer life expectancy than cats that are allowed outside. When you tell Fluffy she’s grounded, let her know it’s for her own good!


As soon as your kitty sets those adorable little paws outside the door, she faces many serious dangers. Cars, predators, dogs, other cats, and weather are just a few of the hazards that endanger outdoor cats. There’s also a chance that your feline friend could get trapped somewhere, such as inside a shed. This could mean serious trouble! Your furry pal is also much more likely to get lost, injured, or even killed if she is allowed outdoors.

Help Local Wildlife

If your cat is a hunter, you have an extra reason to keep Fluffy indoors. Housecats, it turns out, do quite a bit of damage to local bird and small animal populations. Each year, cats kill up to 3.7 billion birds in the continental U.S. And that’s just birds! By keeping your cute little serial killer indoors, you’ll be helping preserve and protect local wildlife.

These are all great reasons to keep your furry buddy inside, but Fluffy may not agree with your choice. To convince your feline adventurer to stay inside, you’ll want to make your home as cat-friendly as possible. Basically, this entails giving your furball plenty of toys and lots of soft beds to curl up in. Make sure your feline hunter has at least one window with a good view, so she can watch birds and squirrels and daydream about hunting. We also recommend playing with your kitty every day, to burn off her excess energy. Ask your vet for more specific information.

Do you have any questions or concerns about your kitty’s health or care? Call us, your Sayville, NY animal clinic, today!

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