Senior Cat Care

Senior Cat Care

Is your cat in or approaching her golden years? Kitties become seniors around age seven, though you likely won’t notice immediate changes in your furball’s appearance or behavior when she hits this milestone. In fact, many seven-year old cats still act like kittens! However, as Fluffy ages, you may want to make some minor changes to her care regimen, to keep her happy, healthy, and safe. Below, a Sayville, NY veterinarian discusses senior cat care.


One of the best things you can do to keep Fluffy comfortable is to offer her lots of soft beds and napping spots. This can be as simple as putting a folded-up blanket in a box. To really keep your furball purring, put a few of her beds in places with sunbeams and/or window views.


Proper nutrition is very important! Ask your vet to recommend a good nutritional plan. Get the best food you can afford, but don’t overindulge your feline friend. If Fluffy becomes obese, she’ll face several serious health risks!


Did you know that playing is actually good for cats? Tempt your furball into getting off the couch by using interactive toys, such as laser pointers or wand toys. The exercise and mental stimulation will both benefit your feline friend. Don’t worry about overexerting your cat: when Fluffy gets tired, she’ll just stop playing.


Older cats sometimes find it easier to get in and out of litterboxes with low walls. If your home has multiple floors, put extra litter boxes on each floor to reduce the amount of stair-climbing your kitty has to do. Make sure Fluffy’s litterbox is in a spot that is quiet, easy to access, and free of drafts.

Veterinary Care

Fluffy should see the vet at least once a year, though she may need more frequent trips as she ages. At home, keep an eye out for any possible signs of sickness, such as vomiting, hiding, poor grooming, or behavioral changes. Contact your vet immediately if you notice anything unusual.


The secret ingredient in any pet care routine is love. Spend time with your furball every day. Talk to Fluffy, pet her, and offer her lap space if she wants to cuddle.

Does your kitty need vaccinations or an exam? We are here to help! Please contact us, your Sayville, NY veterinary clinic, for all your senior cat’s veterinary care needs.

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