7 Fascinating Facts About Kitties

7 Fascinating Facts About Kitties

Cats are very mysterious little furballs. Fluffy is full of adorable quirks and habits, some of which are really very unique. Actually, our feline friends are truly fascinating! Read on as a Sayville, NY vet lists some things that you may not have known about cats.

Paws For Thought

Did you know that cats can be right-pawed or left-pawed? If you want to find out whether your kitty is a righty or a lefty, put a small item on your coffee table. Whichever paw your feline buddy uses to knock it onto the floor is the dominant paw.


Adult cats rarely meow at each other: instead, they communicate with body language and facial expressions. Fluffy, it seems, saves her vocalizations for her human buddies. It’s probably no coincidence that kitty meows sound quite a bit like the cries of a human baby! Actually, cats seem to have started meowing just so they could tell us when they want dinner.

Sweaty Paws

Overheating can be very dangerous for Fluffy! Cats only sweat through their paw pads, and they can’t really cool themselves off by panting. (Though we can’t say for sure, we suspect this may be why sunbeams make many kitties fall asleep.)


Fluffy’s cute meows and loving snuggles can help us battle anxiety and depression. They can even fight off high blood pressure and reduce our risk of stroke. Kitty purrs have also been shown to promote healing. Our feline friends may be just a little bit magical!

Kitty Luck

Black cats were commonly considered unlucky here in North America, but this is by no means a universal superstition. Actually, black cats are symbols of good luck in Britain and Australia!


Climbing is a very instinctive behavior in cats. The way those sharp little claws are angled makes it easy for them to scale trees and fences. In the wild, this helps kitties get away from predators and other dangers. Getting down, however, is much harder. Fluffy has to learn how to climb down things.


Did you know that only pet cats walk with their tails held up? Feral kitties usually let their tails droop. No one is sure why.

Do you have questions about cat care? Is your kitty due for an exam or vaccinations? Contact us! As your local Sayville, NY animal clinic, we are always here to help!

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