Vaccinating Your Puppy

Vaccinating Your Puppy

If you own a puppy or are going to be introducing one into your household soon, it’s up to you to keep him healthy. Proper vaccination is one of the most important ways to do just that! Here, your Sayville, NY veterinarian tells you about the basics of puppy vaccination.

How Do Vaccines Protect My Puppy?

Vaccines for puppies work just like vaccines for humans: they introduce a small, virtually harmless strain of a disease to your puppy’s immune system. In response, your dog’s system recognizes the disease and starts to develop antibodies for fighting that particular disease. Once vaccinated, your pup’s body is ready to fight off or at least lessen the severity of that illness should the real thing ever strike down the road.

What Vaccines Do Puppies Need?

All puppies will need what are known as the core vaccines. These shots protect against particularly common and/or dangerous diseases like rabies, distemper, parvovirus, parainfluenza, and hepatitis, among others. Many are administered together in a batch, and they’re most often given when a puppy is very young (usually around eight weeks of age, with the initial vaccine regimen concluding around 16 weeks of age).

Many puppies also benefit from non-core vaccines. As the name implies, these vaccines aren’t necessary for all pups but may help some depending on factors like exposure risk, environment, geographical location, etc. Some examples of non-core vaccines include those that protect against Lyme disease and the Bordetella virus (which causes kennel cough). A puppy that will commonly be boarded, for example, will benefit from the Bordetella vaccine more so than other dogs.

Wondering precisely what core or non-core vaccinations your pup might require? Call your vet’s office today to find out more. We’re here for you!

What About Booster Shots?

Most of your puppy’s vaccinations will require booster shots to remain effective over time. These may need to be administered in yearly intervals or multi-year intervals. The majority of dog owners have their pup’s booster shots given at one of their twice-yearly checkups. Talk to your veterinarian about setting up a regular examination schedule so that your pup’s vaccines can remain effective throughout their lifetime.

How Do I Get Started?

Do you have further questions about the vaccines that your puppy needs? Is Fido due for his first round of shots? We’re here to help! Make an appointment today with your Sayville, NY animal hospital.

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