Beware of July-Fourth Pet Dangers

Beware of July-Fourth Pet Dangers

Will your pet be included in this year’s Fourth-of-July festivities? It’s one of the most hazardous holidays of the year for our four-legged companions! Keep your dog or cat safe this Independence Day by following your Sayville, NY veterinarian’s care tips.

The Local Fireworks

As tempting as it may be, don’t bring your pet along to the local fireworks display. More pets are lost on the Fourth of July than on any other day of the year—that’s because our animal friends don’t like fireworks the way we do, and tend to run off terrified into the night! It’s just not worth the risk; leave your pet safely secured at home with a few toys and a soft bed.

At-Home Pyrotechnics

Are you going to be setting off small pyrotechnics at home, like sparklers or firecrackers? These items, too, can startle a pet into running away. Plus, a pet who manages to get too close can experience painful burns or hearing loss! It’s safest to keep your pet inside while lighting off fireworks in your driveway or yard.

Picnic and Party Foods

A wide variety of picnic and party foods can prove hazardous to pets. If your furry companion will be around when family and friends come over for your holiday picnic, make sure they can’t gain access to anything harmful. The list includes garlic, onions, grapes, raisins, salty foods like chips or pretzels, avocado, chocolate, candy, caffeinated foods and beverages, and more. Ask your veterinarian about other common foods that aren’t safe for pets, and keep your four-legged friend away from the goodie table at all times.


Will your Fourth of July festivities include alcoholic beverages? Remember that alcohol and pets don’t mix. In fact, alcohol affects pets in the same way it affects humans—yes, your pet will experience loss of coordination and “drunkenness” just like a human partygoer, but it can quickly escalate to deadly poisoning. Never allow your pet to sip from alcoholic beverages of any kind, and never give your animal friend alcohol on purpose.

Hot Weather

What would July Fourth be without hot weather? Keep your cat or dog safe this holiday by allowing them back indoors frequently, where it’s cool and air-conditioned. Give them a bowl of fresh water to keep them well-hydrated throughout the day.

Want more tips on keeping your pet safe this holiday? Call your Sayville, NY veterinary clinic.

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