Signs of Doggy Boredom

Signs of Doggy Boredom

Did you know that dogs can get bored? Fido is very intelligent and curious by nature, so he needs proper mental stimulation in order to stay happy and healthy. But how do you tell if your pet is bored? Read on as a Sayville, NY vet lists some common signs of bored in our canine pals.


Is your furry buddy constantly pacing or running around? Does Fido seem unable to sit still? If so, your dog may need something to occupy himself with. If you suspect your pooch also needs more exercise, look for solutions that provide both activity and entertainment, such as an automated ball launchers or mechanical laser pointers.

Destructive Behaviors

While destructive behaviors, like digging, chewing, tearing up cushions, and/or going through the trash, can be caused by other things, such as anxiety, they are often a sign that Fido needs more mental stimulation. (Tip: puzzle toys are a great way to keep your pet amused while you are out!)

Tail Chasing

When puppies chase their tails, they may just be trying to figure out what is going on back there, or just having some fun. However, in adult dogs, this can be a sign of boredom.

Sleeping Too Much

Is Fido spending an excessive amount of time napping? While it’s normal for dogs to spend about half of their time snoozing, if your pup seems to be sleeping more than that, he may be bored.


Dogs vocalize for a variety of reasons. Fido’s barks can mean anything from ‘Hi’ to ‘Play with me’ to ‘Bacon!?!’ to ‘Walk me.’ However, sometimes our canine pals bark to express anxiety, fear, or—you guessed it—boredom.

Walk Ploy

Does your four-legged buddy ever act like he really, really, really has to go, only to nonchalantly start sniffing grass when you take him out? Fido may very well be tricking you into walking just so he can sniff some grass and get a change of scenery!

Tips On Beating The Bored Doggy Blues

Make sure Fido has plenty of fun toys, and take time to walk and play with him daily. Training also offers Man’s Best Friend great mental stimulation. You can also offer your furry friend a fun outdoor play zone.

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