8 Fun Ways to Spoil Your Cat

8 Fun Ways to Spoil Your Cat

Cats may be small, but these cute and quirky furballs manage to take up some pretty big places in our hearts. Fluffy definitely deserves to be pampered a bit! We all know that kitties like catnip mice and soft beds, but there are many other cute ways to activate your pet’s purr. Read on as a Sayville, NY vet lists some great ways to pamper your kitty.


Did you know that you can download apps just for your furball to play with on your phone or tablet? While some kitties remain unimpressed by the wonders of technology, others love catching digital mice and birds!

Automated Laser Pointers

Some cats are truly captivated by that little red dot. If your feline friend loves playing with a laser pointer, get her an automated one.

Catnip Bubbles

Kitties chasing after catnip bubbles is, well, just as cute as it sounds. This is a great way to offer your furball both exercise and entertainment!

Robotic Fish

Cats love playthings that allow them to use their natural hunting skills. There are now robotic fish, which you can place in a large bowl for Fluffy to ‘catch.’ You can also get your feline pal a mechanical mouse.


Spend a few minutes a day playing with Fluffy. This will be fun for both of you, and is a wonderful way to help your cat feel loved.

Kitty Garden

We recommend that cats live indoors. Kitties that are allowed to wander are exposed to many serious hazards, including cars, weather, and predators. However, there’s no reason your pet can’t enjoy a taste of nature. Make Fluffy a catio, and add a little kitty garden to it. Check the ASPCA site for pet-safe plants.


Sometimes the simple things in life really are the best. Offer your kitty plain cardboard boxes from time to time. You can even make your feline buddy a box castle. Paper grocery bags are also fun for Fluffy.


Fluffy isn’t shy about getting comfortable on our beds and couches, but she’ll really enjoy some things of her own. Get your furball a cat tower or a kitty condo. If you are on a tight budget, look online for great DIY ideas.

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