Safety Tips for Hiking With Dogs

Safety Tips for Hiking With Dogs

Are you looking forward to going on a few wilderness treks with your canine companion this fall? Make sure your dog stays safe! Use these tips from your Sayville, NY veterinarian to do just that:

Up-to-Date Identification

Your dog’s identification is essential in the event that he gets lost or runs away during your time outdoors. Even extremely well-trained dogs can be startled by a loud noise or unexpected visitor. Have your dog wear ID tags around the collar, a microchip, or both in tandem. This maximizes the chance that your pooch will be returned to you quickly and safely in the event of an unplanned situation.


It’s very important for your dog to have updated vaccinations before heading out on a hike. This will prevent the danger of various diseases that your dog can contract from bacteria, viruses, wild animals, and other sources in the great outdoors. Talk to your veterinarian if your dog needs essential vaccinations or if his current vaccines need updated.

Pest Preventatives

All sorts of outdoor pests—ticks, fleas, worms like heartworm and roundworm, mosquitoes—are just waiting to take a bite out of your dog. The problem is, these critters can transmit dangerous diseases and cause hard-to-eradicate infestations. Avoid the risk entirely by having your pet wear seasonal or year-round preventative medications. Set up an appointment at your vet’s office right away if your dog isn’t already wearing preventatives; you don’t want to head outdoors without them!

Proper Hydration

Bring along a thermos of fresh water exclusively for your dog, and be sure to offer him sips from it on a regular basis throughout your trek. Never allow Fido to drink from public bodies of water like streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, or even puddles—it’s only inviting dangerous infections and other issues!

Leashing Your Pooch

Always bring along a leash while hiking with your dog, as you just never know when you might need it on hand. If another hiker, a bicyclist, or a wild animal approaches, you’ll want the leash there to keep your dog nearby. Plus, certain public areas require dogs to stay on-leash.

A final tip: give your dog’s body a thorough once-over after you’ve returned home. Check for any stowaways in the coat, and remove any debris stuck in your dog’s paws or fur.

Want more tips for hiking with your dog? Call your Sayville, NY veterinary clinic today!

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