Autumn Cat Care Tips

Autumn Cat Care Tips

Autumn is a beautiful time of year here in New York! The changing foliage, crisp cool air, and seasonal decorations all have their own special feel. However, if you have a kitty, you may want to make a few minor changes to Fluffy’s care routine at this time of year. Read on as a Sayville, NY vet discusses autumn cat care.


We all know what Fluffy’s favorite pastime is: napping! Believe it or not, cats manage to sleep even more than usual in cold, dreary weather. Make sure your furball has plenty of comfy napping spots. If you really want to pamper your pet, get her a heated kitty bed


As Fluffy exchanges her summer wardrobe for a winter coat, you may find cat hair, well, pretty much everywhere. Brushing your kitty daily will cut down on the amount of fur that gets stuck to your clothing and furniture. You may also want to ask your vet about using a hairball remedy.

Outdoor Hazards

Autumn can be a very hazardous time of year for cats! Cold weather, wild animals, toxic seasonal plants all pose threats to kitties. Chemicals are another concern: since many people treat their lawns and gardens in fall, Fluffy could get sick just by grooming herself after walking across a recently-fertilized yard. Antifreeze is also dangerous: it’s highly toxic to cats, but unfortunately has a taste many felines find appealing. Keep your furry buddy safe and sound indoors!

Veterinary Care

Veterinary care is important all year long, but this is a good time to take Fluffy in for an exam. Making sure your pet is current on her vaccinations and parasite control is also important. Cats with arthritis or other bone/joint disorders often get very stiff and sore as the weather changes. If you know or suspect that your kitty has arthritis, ask your vet about treatment options.


Make sure Fluffy’s litterbox is in a quiet, easy-to-reach spot that is free of drafts. Cats hate chilly bathrooms!


Autumn is a great time for snuggling up with kitties! When it’s cold and dreary out, there’s nothing better than settling in with a cup of tea or coffee, a good book or movie, and a purring cat.

Please contact us, your Sayville, NY pet hospital, with any questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care. We are here to help!

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