5 Things That Really Annoy Your Cat

5 Things That Really Annoy Your Cat

Our feline friends are all unique individuals, with their own purrsonalities and adorable quirks. However, Fluffy and her friends do share some opinions about certain things. Actually cats have quite a few pet peeves in common. Here, a Sayville, NY vet lists some things that annoy your cat.


As noted above, our feline pals are all unique. There are some cats that don’t mind baths, and a few quirky kitties that seem to actually enjoy them. However, the vast majority of our furry buddies hate bathtime. There is a good reason for this: wet cat fur gives off a powerful odor that could attract predators in the wild. Water could also be quite dangerous for cats, so they may have learned to instinctively fear it long ago. Also, Fluffy does look a bit silly when she’s sopping wet. In any case, baths make the top of the list of things cats hate.

Attention Done Wrong

Many kitties are furry little cuddlebugs that love to be petted… as long as it’s on their own terms. Paying Fluffy too much attention is a serious faux pas. Not giving your furball enough attention is also problematic. Petting your cat the wrong way is also a grave kitty insult!

Loud Noises

Have you ever dropped a pan when your kitty was nearby? Chances are, your furry little pal made a beeline for another room. Most cats absolutely hate loud noises. It does make sense that our feline companions like their kingdoms nice and quiet. After all, Fluffy does spend roughly 99.9 percent of her time sleeping!

Other Cats

Fluffy and Mittens can become best friends, but this isn’t always the case. Some of our furry pals are extremely jealous of one another. Your cute pet may morph from a purring bundle of love to a raging, hissing defender at the mere sight of a strange cat crossing the yard!

Car Rides

While there are some kitties out there that don’t mind going for drives, the majority of our feline patients absolutely despise them. To make Fluffy more comfortable on a car ride, keep the windows cracked, and play some soft music for her to meow along to.

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